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AllowRightClick v1.2: Even more powerful

Many site try to prevent you from accessing the context menu. Well that’s a nice try; thanks to AllowRightClick extension for google Chrome, you will have your context menu anyway :-p

This new version works on more sites than before:

  • even if the protecting javascript was added with addEventListener(). This fixes issue 17
  • even on div elements. The cotext menu on Youtube video will bed displayed 🙂 This fixes issue 8
  • recursively applied on in frames. This fixes issue 18
  • and there is now an option page to list which sites should be ignored by the extension. This is an improvement other the previous version, where only Yahoo mail! was left untouched.

Install AllowRightClick now.

The full changelog can be found on the google code project page (bug reports usually mention the affected sites).

Google chrome sync bookmarks, but…

Google chrome has just added bookmark synchronization.


  • I cannot make it work under linux, with build
    Google chrome bookmark sync disabled
    Google chrome bookmark sync disabled

  • why the hell do they store the bookmarks in Google docs, rather than in Google bookmarks? Google bookmarks is used by other services :
    • adding a place in your favorites in Google maps, for instance ;
    • or extends search results in Google search
    • Google search extended with bookmarks
      Google search extended with bookmarks

Extension for Google chrome

Do you remember my little firefox extension for firefox to interact with

Well, now that Google Chrome supports extensions too (at least in the dev channel), I’m going to redevelop it for Chrome 🙂

My first impressions:

  • packaging the extension in chrome is much easier in Chrome (a « pack extension button » versus many manipulations for firefox that I eventually scripted in an ant task)
  • the API is much more restrictive in Chrome than in Firefox