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Doxia module for Markdown syntax

My idea of having a module to generate a Maven site with the markdown syntax raised some interest — I received a couple of emails since then.

Tonight, I have made a quick and dirty Doxia module based on the MarkdownJ library.

I’ll try to publish it tomorrow. At least, I should bring the doxia-module-markdown project page back.

Edit: I don’t maintain this project any more. The good news is that there is a fork on github.

Markdown syntax in Maven projects?

I love the Markdown syntax. I think it the most readable when in plain text, hence it is very easy to write as well, plus it has a large feature set. It can be used for writing blog posts, for instance.

I am looking forward to writing my documentation in Markdown in Java projects managed with Maven, instead of using APT.

Do you know any maven-markdown-plugin? If not, is the MarkdownJ implementation good (so that I can write the plugin myself)?

m2settings 0.7 released

J’ai touché quelques petits trucs dans m2settings, et j’en profite pour publier une nouvelle version (télécharger). Celle-ci génère un settings.xml bien plus lisible.

Voici par exemple ce que l’on peut obtenir en quelques clic:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<settings xmlns="">
            <name>Codehaus MOJO</name>
                    <name>Springframework Maven SNAPSHOT Repository</name>