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Is SharePoint as feature-poor as it used to be?

When I was working on SharePoint, I was shocked to see the gap between the rich marketing slides on one hand and the poor feature set on the other hand.

Apparently, this hasn’t changed, if I take a look at the number of blogs that promote Sharepoint but which are hosted on a better Web content management system (usually WordPress)

  • NOT hosted on SarePoint
  • The Sharepoint guy NOT hosted on Sharepoint
  • Mastykarz Sharepoint MVP, hosted on WordPress
  • hosted on WordPress
  • powered by WordPress
  • powered by wordpress

People: eat your own food! Why don’t you do some WordPress consulting instead?

Adventure (doesn’t) work – SharePoint Theme

Let’s put aside the fact that the « Adventure works » theme in SharePoint has justified text everywhere…

I have been wondering how to change the company in the footer of the page:
Screenshot of the "adventure works" theme

Well, it is defined in the master page OrangeSingleLevel.master with:

<asp:Literal runat="server" Text="<%$Resources:cms,masterpages_companyname_linktext%>"/>

This mean that modifying the company name requires to:

  • change the master page on each site that uses this theme to use your own resource file, eg. replace Resources:cms by Resources:brandedcms
  • create a new resource file brandedcms.resx and package it in a solution1
  • ask a system administrator to deploy this solution

In a word: it’s painful. My recommandation: don’t follow Microsoft practices.

I think the best practice is to place such variables in a list, so that anyone can edit them ; resource file should be used only to store (language dependant) constants.

  1. as explained by Edgar []

SharePoint is not designed for performance

I hate SharePoint when it’s running slow, which is almost all the time. Last day, a Microsoft consultant told be SharePoint was designed for best performance.

In a couple of quick point, I’ll argue the opposite: SharePoint is slow, and many best practices to provide good performances have been ignored.

This are things that are not done by default, but which can be changed with blood, tears and sweat:

You want more? These things cannot be improved:

  • The HTML pages produces are huge. A typical publishing page is about 100kB.
  • The HTML has inline CSS
  • This also comes with several huge CSS files. core.css is 82KB. As a result, « 67.4% of CSS (estimated 120.5kB of 178.7kB) is not used by the current page ». In term of maintenance: Webdesigners, get ready to master 5,000 lines of CSS
  • SharePoint does not support Etags, hence the browser cache policy is inefficient
  • Storage of documents is done in database. How do you think SQL servers behaves when the database is larger than 100GB (and a large project can easily reach such an amout with many files and their different revisions)

SharePoint limits URL to 260 characters

SharePoint is a Web content management system. Within SharePoint, you can create document libraries, directories, files. You end up having resources like

Here comes the funny thing: the total length of this URL cannot exceed 260 characters (or read this thread).

If a directory or file is created, and the total length exceed this, you get a very inexplicit « Unkown error » message. Of course, I think this is bad behaviour: SharePoint should at least say the URL is too long.

The RFC 2616 which defines HTTP/1.1 even says this should be an error 414:

The HTTP protocol does not place any a priori limit on the length of
a URI. Servers MUST be able to handle the URI of any resource they
serve, and SHOULD be able to handle URIs of unbounded length if they
provide GET-based forms that could generate such URIs. A server
SHOULD return 414 (Request-URI Too Long) status if a URI is longer
than the server can handle

Questions and critics on SharePoint

I have rised a number of questions on friendfeed, but many of them remain unanswered.

  • In Sharepoint WCM, I can create folders in the « Pages » library with SharePoint designer but not with the web interface. Why? Are there side effects?
  • After an incremental crawl in Sharepoint 2007 search engine, are deleted documents supposed to be removed from the index? Any official reference?
  • Why is the HTML code so invalid/ugly

Also, I have encountered bugs… What’s the problem with:

  • I try to import an Excel spreadsheet in SharePoint, as described in…. When I click the « Import » button, Excel does NOT open, I am redirected to /_layouts/ and thereby receive an « Access denied »
  • When starting the standard approbation workflow, user sometimes gets « critical error » and Shapepoint logs refer to an « invalid canary ».
  • Deployed a solution. Some time later, deployed an upgrade containg a updated DLL and updated master pages. Ended with stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs and stsadm -o copyappbincontent. But the webpart behaves like it used to with the 1st version. Any idea why? Why was iisreset required?
  • Firefox is not supported in many scenarios

Also, what do you think about this SharePoint oddness:

  • « starting date » is a Date and « end date » is a Date+Time