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Yahoo! mail uses Mr Clean too

I’ve just read a review of the new Yahoo! mail service, beta.

Apparently Yahoo! mails follows what eveyone is talking about today, ajax. And their webmail now looks like a desktop application. But why would people prefer to use a (probably) slow and non-responsive web application when they can have a rich-featured and customizable real mail application, like Mozilla Thunderbird? Moreover when this webmail is full of ads everywhere!

But people do use webmails. People can be idiots.

Well, actually, I’m lying to you. I also use a webmail called Gmail. But in that case I have what I am looking for: simplicity and efficiency (even though the reviewer considers the Gmail’s interface « clunky »). Moreover I have the feeling that Yahoo! is missing the whole point. Gmail’s bright idea was « search, don’t sort ». They flattened my mails. I loved my IMAP folders, but now I like tags and the search box even better. I have known a revolution in which all mails (sent mails, inbox mails, etc.) are in the same accessible place. From the screenshots and the review, it seems to be Yahoo! mail is not doing this.

And I hate the idea that Yahoo! allows itself to include advertisements in every mail I could send from their service.