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Microsoft Sharepoint does not manage dependencies

Sharepoint does not mangage library dependencies depsite the GAC and the stack of recent technologies it relies on.

Imagine you build an assembly common.dll used by a feature for Sharepoint1, and deploy this feature on Sharepoint. Everything works like a charm (well, taking out the pain of developing on sharepoint, of course). You deploy a second feature using the same common.dll assembly. Everything is good at this point.

Now, retract the second feature. Sharepoint thinks it should clean the place and removes the DLL. The other feature does not work in Sharepoint any more.

Shame on MS! This kind of problems is addressed for ages by the RPM, just to name one.

  1. on the Sharepoint platform, features are packages that are deployed on a webapp, and activated on a or several sites in this webapp. For instance you could have a « tagcloud feature » ; when activated, you can add a column in your list with a new content type called « tag » in which it is possible to insert text used to label the items of the list ; and then you can insert in your pages a webpart that draws the tag cloud of all tags used in your lists []