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Google chrome on linux supports Flash

Google chrome has been a major news in the web browser space. I couldn’t help but to test it. It’s incredibly lightweight and fast, and brings a fair amount of innovations. I have been using it more and more since the latest version of firefox 3.5, which has disappointed me a lot — firefox is slow to start, and I’m pretty sure there are many holes for memory leaks.

Google chrome is a very fast web browser, is lightweight, quick to start and innovating. However the linux version didn’t support plugins. As such, Flash player was not support, and I had to choice but to stick on firefox/opera for browsing dailymotion, facebook games and so on.

The latest builds of Chrome has an experimental support of mozilla plugins. I now have flash 🙂

Google chrome with plugins in Linux<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Google chrome with plugins in Linux</figcaption></figure>

  1. Install the latest build of chrome.
  2. Start chrome with the appropriate option
`chrome --enable-plugins`

Oh by the way, I’ve made a quick script to easily install or upgrade chrome on linux

tmp=$(mktemp -p /tmp -d)
cd $tmp
wget $URL
ark -ba $(basename $URL)
cd google-chrome-unstable_current_i386
tar -xvf data.tar.lzma
rm -rf $DEST
mkdir -p $DEST
mv opt/google/chrome/* $DEST
rm -rf $tmp
#Symlinks to required libraries
ln -s /lib/libnspr4.so libnspr4.so.0d
ln -s /lib/libnss3.so libnss3.so.1d
ln -s /lib/libnssutil3.so libnssutil3.so.1d
ln -s /usr/lib/libplc4.so libplc4.so.0d
ln -s /lib/libplds4.so libplds4.so.0d
ln -s /lib/libsmime3.so libsmime3.so.1d
ln -s /lib/libssl3.so libssl3.so.1d

This script installs chromes in DEST=/usr/local/chrome

To start chrome: /usr/local/chrome/chrome –enable-plugins