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Adventure (doesn’t) work – SharePoint Theme

Let’s put aside the fact that the « Adventure works » theme in SharePoint has justified text everywhere…;

I have been wondering how to change the company in the footer of the page:

Screenshot of the "adventure works" theme

Well, it is defined in the master page OrangeSingleLevel.master with:



This mean that modifying the company name requires to:

  • change the master page on each site that uses this theme to use your own resource file, eg. replace Resources:cms by Resources:brandedcms
  • create a new resource file brandedcms.resx and package it in a solution1
  • ask a system administrator to deploy this solution

In a word: it’s painful. My recommandation: don’t follow Microsoft practices.

I think the best practice is to place such variables in a list, so that anyone can edit them ; resource file should be used only to store (language dependant) constants.

  1. as explained by Edgar []