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Google calendar bug with timezones

I was ecstatic when I saw that Google calendar supports event time zones. This is a very nice promise for implementing travel events.

However, I have a strange behaviour: there is a one-hour offset between what I set and what is recorded.

My calendar is set for European time (GMT +1)

screenshot of my settings

I create a « flight » event, from Doha at 1:20 to Hong-Kong at 14:40.

screenshot of event creation

So, what I just defined in GMT is a flight from 21:20 to 6:40.

But when I save this event, it appears in Google calendar (in Paris GMT+1 time) between 0:20 and 8:20. Strange…;

So, I opened the event again, and Google calendar added a one-hour offset: 2:20 (GMT+3) to 15:40 (GMT+8).

Details of created event

Can anyone explain?