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Questions and critics on SharePoint

I have rised a number of questions on friendfeed, but many of them remain unanswered.

Google chrome on linux supports Flash

The latest builds of Chrome has an experimental support of mozilla plugins. I now have flash :-) Google chrome is a very fast web browser, is lightweight, quick to start and innovating. However the linux version didn't support plugins. As such, Flash player was not support, and I had to choice but to stick on firefox/opera for browsing dailymotion, facebook games and so on.

Comportement du clic sous KDE

KDE accepte 2 modes de fonctionnement de la souris :

Tab with link and mouesover effect

How to design a Tab where content change on mouseover and where titles are links.

KDE and video mode not supported [SOLVED]

Today, in KDE, I have started a windows application throuh wine. The applicaiton tried to change the video mode, and my screen turned blank with « Video mode not supported ». This means that the resolution or refresh rate are not supported by the screen.

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